Louvre Size

There are four different louvre sizes for you to choose from. Each one can look great in it’s own setting and there are no hard and fast rules as to which one you should choose. Very often the size of the panel you’ve chosen will dictate the size of louvre you decide on. Going back to our previous example of the four feet by three feet window, if you decided on just two panels, either the 64mm or the 89mm louvre would suit best whereas if you decided on four panels maybe the 46mm or the 64mm would suit better. At the end of the day it’s down to your personal choice. The majority of our customers choose the 64mm louvre as it looks good in almost any environment.

The largest 115mm louvre can be a little dominant if used in the wrong settings and is best kept for large openings like floor to ceiling windows and large apex feature windows.

The larger the louvre the more light is allowed in and the greater view is afforded out. Also, keep the same size louvre in the same room and on the same aspect of the house.





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