Tilt Rods

A tilt rod is the central bar at the front of the shutters panel which is used to open and close the louvers. The traditional look has the tilt rod in the middle however many of our customers opt for an off set tilt rod which means the tilt rod is fitted 25mm from the edge of the louvre. You can however choose to design your shutters without a tilt rod by opting for a hidden mechanism commonly known as clearview. Here an aluminium bar to the rear of the shutter panel links all the louvers together. Moving one louvre with your hand means all the louvres open and close together.

The clearview system tends to work best where windows and shutter panels are small and you don't want things to look too cluttered. However the off set tilt rod option is often a good compromise and keeps the "look" of plantation shutters.

Avoid too many louvres connected together in the Clearview option. For example if your shutter panel is over 1200mm tall, we recomnmend a split hidden tilt rod which has the advantage of allowing you to close the lower louvres for privacy while the upper louvres remain open. This means less louvres are connected together resulting in less stress on both the aluminium connecting rod and the louvre edge.




Finally choose your hardware